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For decades, thousands of men, women and children have quietly dealt with what they believed to be incurable pelvic floor disorders.  Many men, women and children never receive treatment because they are too embarrassed to discuss the problem with a health care provider.

This website is dedicated to pelvic floor health in males, females and children. The pelvic floor is one of the body’s most interesting structures, but unfortunately, also one of the least understood and most neglected. The pelvic floor plays a vital role in many of the human body’s most important intimate and reproductive functions.

Unfortunately, the pelvic floor is vulnerable to the development of numerous disorders or can be compromised by a variety of events during our lives, which could seriously affect the ability to perform daily activities and therefore quality of life.  It is important to be aware of your pelvic floor and seek guidance on how to maintain its optimum status for the duration of your life.



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